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Happy Birthday  / Mare   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mare
Thinking of you today my sweet friend. Hope you have a Happy Birthday in Heaven. Close
Happy Birthday Teddy !!  / MaryAnn Winchester (Olmstead) (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Teddy !!  / MaryAnn Winchester (Olmstead) (Friend)

Hi Teddy,


Another year goes by and it's been an eventful one. So many of us still think of you and miss you dearly, not just today on your birthday but every day !!

I got married in May... and in June we found out we were pregnant. In July we found out we were having twin boys. I know you're watching over us all.

I wish I could hug you on your birthday but know that I'm thinking of you, your family, and Dominick.


Happy Birthday my dear friend !!


Love you,



Thinking of you  / Mare   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Mare
Thinking of you today and always Teddy ~ I've moved from the AV but I think of you still !! Missing you buddy !! Close
Missing Teddy  / John Doe (Human)  Read >>
Missing Teddy  / John Doe (Human)
Here I sit, reading about this fine young man, and missing him greatly, overwhelmed by a strong feeling of loss. As I read this beautiful site, I am also missing exactly HOW he died and feel like I am losing out on hearing the whole story. So, how did he die? Don't we, the readers, deserve to know all of the details? Rest in peace, dear Teddy. May you find love and harmony wherever you are. And may we find out exactly how you died. -John Close
Another year....  / Kelli Bell (Sister)  Read >>
Another year....  / Kelli Bell (Sister)
Hi Teddy I can't believe it has been 7 years since we last saw you. So much has happened but I am sure you see all of it from above. The greatest addition since last year was your niece Whitney. You would love her!! She is adorable and has the cutest laugh. I want you to know how much we miss you each and every day. The fourth of July is just a reminder of exactly how much we miss you. I wish you were here in person but I know you are always with us in spirit. I am pretty sure you will be watching the fireworks you loved them as a kid. Anyway we miss you and love you! -Kelli Close
Merry Christmas  / MaryAnn (Friend)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / MaryAnn (Friend)

Hi my friend !!

Went to visit you today. The sun was shining the birds were singing. It's a beautiful day out. Hope you enjoy the Christmas tree I picked out for you. Sure do  miss you. Watch over your family this holiday season. Merry Christmas !!

Love Ya !!


Missing you...  / Kelli Bell (Sister)  Read >>
Missing you...  / Kelli Bell (Sister)
Hey Teddy!! I can't believe it has been so long since we have seen each other. I feel as though you have missed so much but then I am reminded that you have probably been with us through everything. We just can't see you. I have thought back to where we were 6 years ago today and where we are now and realized you gave us all the strength we needed to move forward. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you or wonder what you would be like now. I get sad when I think that you won't be there when Whitney is born your first niece. And that I will never hear her call you Uncle Teddy. But since you won't be here with us on earth that day I ask that you be there with us in spirit. So if you can please be Whitney's guardian angel and bring her to us safely. Please know that I will always miss you and love you with all my heart. I could not have asked for a better brother. Happy 4th of July!! Although I still don't watch fireworks I am pretty sure you have a great view. Take care love you little Bro!! Close
It's been 6 years  / Missy (Lil Cuz )  Read >>
It's been 6 years  / Missy (Lil Cuz )
As of today it has been 6 years since I have seen Teddy. My last visit with him was at HomeTown Buffet. He came to have lunch with me while I was working. His favorite was meatloaf! We were talking about our plans for the 4th of Juli. He said he was planning on going to our friend Squeeks house for the party he had there every year. He never made it there. I still miss you every day Teddy! I can still hear your voice and words of wisdom for me. I try to keep them fresh in my mind. I can't believe how much pain there still is after all this time. Time does not heal all pain!!! Who ever said that did not have to go through the pain of losing you. Close
Our New Condo  / Kelli Bell (Sister)  Read >>
Our New Condo  / Kelli Bell (Sister)

Hi Teddy!

I just want to thank you for giving Wendy and I the opportunity to have bought our first condo! And I know you were happy for us because we found the penny you sent us. For those of you who read this, I was cleaning up the front porch and found a penny face up in the dirt. I thought it was good luck because it was face up so I picked it up. I was anxious to look at the date thinking maybe it was from Teddy. Sure enough it was 2004! Since he died in 2004 I know it was from him. So thank you Teddy, I love when we find little things you leave us to let us know you are still here. There was only one penny, but I know it was from you. Thanks Teddy!

Happy Birthday!  / Kelli Bell (Sister)  Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Kelli Bell (Sister)

I can't believe you are 28 years old today. I am pretty sure by now I would be telling you the grass is getting a little thin on top, which would make you mad. I said that once when your hair was thinning and you got so mad, it was pretty funny. Anyway, it sucks that I was robbed of so much time with you and it is days like today that remind me of all I am missing out on. I wish you were here so I could take you out for a drink and we could celebrate like brothers and sisters do. I know it seems like you are million of miles away in heaven but I always feel you in my heart.  I know you are with all of us today and are celebrating with Jesus. I also know you protect us each and every day, but I guess that's what brothers are for. So Happy 28th Birthday Teddy!! We all love you and miss you so much!!

To all Teddy's friends and our extended family:

I want to say thank you to those that continue to visit Teddy's grave, crash site, or this memorial site. I come on this site often and I just love hearing from all of you. Your love and support means a lot to my family.

Happy Birthday  / Regina Heeter (Family friend )  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Regina Heeter (Family friend )

Hi Teddy!

I can't believe its been already 4 years. I always remember you as the cute little boy who lived next door. I wish you a great birthday up there! We all miss you. You will be forever in our hearts! I sometimes try to imagine, what you would do now, at 28. I am sure, you would do great and you still would be close to your family. I know, how much everbody loves you. I know your parents would be so proud of you! Now all we can hope and pray for is that you are safe and happy.

Love Regina, Sarah & David

Teddy Bear  / Brian Smith (childhood friend )  Read >>
Teddy Bear  / Brian Smith (childhood friend )
Teddy was my sisters friend and our neighbor ,I have so many funny memories of him.We used to play baseball/rollerblade/ride bikes he was always so funny.I watched him grow up all the way untill he went to highschool and i moved down to the valley.Evertime i went up to palmdale i would go by the bank to say hi but i never got to see him again.It was a very sad day when i got the phone call from my mom.see you again one day Teddy Close
Hey Teddy  / Danielle Aragon (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Teddy  / Danielle Aragon (Friend)
Hey Teddy. Well its that time of year again. I think of you often, and try to stop by to say hi as much as I can. Im sorry this year I wont be able to make it to sit with you, but my daughter and I mved to Georgia. I will come sit and visit as soon as I get back to Cali. I just wanted you to know that you are thought always but especially today. And I know you look down on all of your friends and keep us all safe, so for that I thank you. The fourth of july will always be a day of remembering you for those who care about and love you, Still I wish you were still here to celebrate this day with your family and friends. I miss you, you were always so kind Teddy. :) Hope your up in Heaven just smiling, watching over everyone! :) Miss You! <3 Close
Happy 4th of July  / Missy (Lil Cuz )  Read >>
Happy 4th of July  / Missy (Lil Cuz )

Hey Teddy,

It has now been 4 years since you died... I can't believe it! It feels like it was yesterday that I got that call. I can still hear your laugh and you voice in my head. I haven't adjusted to life without you... Maybe I never will.  I miss you every day! This is the first time I'm doing anything on the 4th of July since you've been gone. Honestly, I feel guilty about it. I know you wouldn't want me to but it just doesn't feel right to celebrate on a day that you died. I will be thinking about you a lot this weekend. Well actually I think about you all the time. I miss you so much! It hurts! I think this pain will never go away. I know you would want me to be strong. I am strong and I can take a lot and thats probably because of you. You made me strong! But when it  comes to losing you, I just can't be strong! Well I have to go! Hope you have a happy 4th of July in Heaven. It was always mine and your favorite holiday... Its just not the same without you!

Merry Christmas  / Kelli (Sister)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Kelli (Sister)
Hi Teddy!!

Merry Christmas!! Every holiday I just wish you would coming walking through the door. I know that is not possible so please always be with us in spirit. I love you and miss you more than words can say.

Love-Kelli Close
In Memory  / Father (Teddys Dad )  Read >>
In Memory  / Father (Teddys Dad )
Those we LOVE remain with us, for Love itself lives on.  Cherished Memories never fade, because one Loved is gone.  "THOSE WE LOVE" can never be more then a thought apart.  For as long as there is memory.  They live on in our Heart.  unknowed author Close
hi / JOhnny OGIMACHI (DOWN FRIEND )  Read >>

NIP 007 Close
Good Stories  / Missy (Cousin)  Read >>
Good Stories  / Missy (Cousin)
Every time I come on this site I read the notes people write to Teddy. The notes always say how much they love and miss teddy and talk about how he is gone. I love to hear how people still miss Teddy to this day. Although when I am done I am very sad and try to remember funny stories about Teddy. I was thinking how great it would be to come on hear and read stories about Teddy. Maybe some I already know and some I don't. Either way it would still be good to hear and reminisce about Teddy's good times. Teddy was a very funny guy and I know there are many funny stories of Teddy we would all like to hear and make as laugh and remember Teddy. So I would like to ask you to think of a funny, a good or just memorable moment of Teddy and put it on here for us all to enjoy. Teddy would want his memory to live on in a good way. His soul is still very much alive even though his body is not. So I will start this off. First before I do I would like to give you a little bit of background on me and Teddy. I'm his little cousin/best friend. However we weren't always best friends ... Well, you would actually have called us enemy's... when we were younger that is. We used to fight soo bad (as if I was a boy the same age as him) But don't feel bad for me LOL... I was pretty tuff. As we started getting older we started to realize how much we were alike and that grew us closer I think... and all of the sudden we were best friends and told each other everything. There was nobody I trusted more then Teddy... Ok so theres the background. I will start with my story... So you remember how I said we used to fight? Well, when we were kids there was this one day that we ditched school together and we were at my house and  we thought it was a good  idea to stuff ourselves with pillows and sumo wrestle (VERY FUN!!) Anyways we both stood on the oposite side of the room and ran towards each other and we were laughing so hard. When we finally met in the middle our teeth hit together and I chipped my front tooth. Its still there to prove it. LOL. Those of you who were close with me and Teddy when we were teenagers would know we even fought like this often when we were older too... not so much sumo but just wrestle. Some of the friends would feel bad for me and tell Teddy to go easy on me. Teddy would just tell them no you don't understand how strong she is. I was strong because of Teddy and all of our fighting. Me and Teddy had soo many funny moments together I just wanted to share this with you. I would love to hear feedback on this from you and see what you think of mine and Teddy's story. Can't wait to hear all of your stories too. This is for you Ted Dog. I love and miss you. It hasn't gotten any easier from day one that you were gone. your lil cuz Missy. Close
To a great friend who i'm missing everyday.  / Robert Davila (High School Friend )  Read >>
To a great friend who i'm missing everyday.  / Robert Davila (High School Friend )
It was hard finding the words to express how i felt when i found out the news, exactly 3 years to the date I found out my good friend was taken from this earth, such a big kick to the stomach to know that these past few years i had been under the assumption you were living your life free and the the fullest like Teddy always did, But my friend was gone and i would never be able to say goodbye. I Miss you Bro more than words can describe, I know we grew apart the years after high school but not because we werent good friends because of how far away i lived and the career i chose. And if i recall it was you that talked me into joining Teddy....lol and look at me now 9 years later still Navy Blue, i regret that now though, had i gotten out with you we could have had more good times together. This is so hard Man! Had i known the last time i would see you was at your condo a couple years back when i went to visit, i would have told you how much of a good friend you were and how much you meant to me you take things for granted sometimes. You will always live on in my heart, I will always remember the good times we had and the highschool years that just would not have been the same without you. I'll see you again one day Teddy I know it, I love you bro...... your friend Robert.

miiiissssss you!!  / Rayna Rodriguez (<3)  Read >>
miiiissssss you!!  / Rayna Rodriguez (<3)
So it's been another year, and you're still missed more and more every day!! I can't believe it's been 3 whole years.. it's crazy!! Teddy.. I love you and Miss you so much words can't even begin to describe! Some days I sit and think how it seems like its been forever since you've been gone but other days it seems like just yesterday you were here.. I'm so glad that we have so many fun memories with eachother to keep your spirit  alive!!I love you with all my heart and that is where you'll always be.. forever!! BFF!!

Love always, Raynstar Close
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