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Teddy was born Oct 1, 1980 in Mission Hills, California, passed away July 4th 2004 in Palmdale, California. Teddy had such a love for life and his spirit will live in us all. He always wanted the best and strived to reach the top. His accomplishments will not be forgotten and his memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Life is short, time is fast, loves are lost, but memories will last

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Happy Birthday   / Mare
Thinking of you today my sweet friend. Hope you have a Happy Birthday in Heaven.
Happy Birthday Teddy !!   / MaryAnn Winchester (Olmstead) (Friend)
Hi Teddy,   Another year goes by and it's been an eventful one. So many of us still think of you and miss you dearly, not just today on your birthday but every day !! I got married in May... and in June we found out we were pregna...  Continue >>
Thinking of you   / Mare
Thinking of you today and always Teddy ~ I've moved from the AV but I think of you still !! Missing you buddy !!
Missing Teddy   / John Doe (Human)
Here I sit, reading about this fine young man, and missing him greatly, overwhelmed by a strong feeling of loss. As I read this beautiful site, I am also missing exactly HOW he died and feel like I am losing out on hearing the whole story. So, how...  Continue >>
Another year....   / Kelli Bell (Sister)
Hi Teddy I can't believe it has been 7 years since we last saw you. So much has happened but I am sure you see all of it from above. The greatest addition since last year was your niece Whitney. You would love her!! She is adorable and has the cutest...  Continue >>
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Missing you...  / Kelli Bell (Sister)    Read >>
It's been 6 years  / Missy (Lil Cuz )    Read >>
Our New Condo  / Kelli Bell (Sister)    Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Kelli Bell (Sister)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Regina Heeter (Family friend )    Read >>
Teddy Bear  / Brian Smith (childhood friend )    Read >>
Hey Teddy  / Danielle Aragon (Friend)    Read >>
Happy 4th of July  / Missy (Lil Cuz )    Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Kelli (Sister)    Read >>
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His legacy
The following Eulogy was written by Kelli Bell, his sister. Both his sisters, Wendy and Kelli read the Eulogy at Sacred Heart Church on July 9th, 2004.

On October 1, 1980 Theodore Alexander Bell the IV was born-we know him as Teddy. He was the gift of a son that my parents had longed for after having two daughters. From that day he came into this world he brought happiness and joy to our family and made it complete. I was so happy to have a brother that I started "The Baby Brother Club."

Those who knew him as a boy could remember a strong willed and spirited child. When he put his mind to something you can bet it would be done. He loved playing video games especially Super Mario Brothers on his Nintendo. He also liked to bowl and play baseball.

As children he and his cousin Missy were worst enemies, but as they grew they became the best of friends. They shared each other's secrets and trusted one another. Both of his cousins Amie and Missy were more of little sisters than cousins. As he grew he became very protective of them and loved them very much.

Teddy was a devoted and loyal son. He loved his parents very much and always had a special bond with each of them because he was the youngest. He was affectionately called "Teddy Bear" from birth by our mom and no matter how grown-up he thought he was he will always be moms "Teddy Bear." Teddy and mom had such a close bond that Wendy and I joked he could get mom to do whatever he wanted, but he would do anything for mom too.

Teddy followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Navy right after graduating Palmdale High. He joined the Navy out of loyalty and love for my dad and to be able to travel..but later said "Next time I'll just buy a ticket!" He did have the opportunity to travel and complete two West Pac deployments. He liked to spend time with his dad, even if it was just eating at Hometown Buffet.

Wendy and I, are Teddy's two older sisters. He jokingly referred to us as Laverne and Shirley or to our dismay the the Golden Girls. Knowing Teddy, he's probably trying to get us some diving intervention to help us out.

To Teddy, I was always his responsible older sister who loves taking care of him. When he was overseas I handled his affairs, he was always having me do something for him. In fact, every Christmas Eve he would beg me to wrap all his presents.

Wendy and Teddy were the "technical" ones in the family and loved emailing and instant messaging each other for fun. They mostly loved planning the family vacations. I am so thankful for the trip they planned to Las Vegas just three weeks ago. We will always treasure the last time Wendy and I saw our little brother.

In Vegas, we had the pleasure of meeting Amanda, Teddy's girlfriend. We could see right away a change in him as she seemed really special to him. Teddy loved Amanda and true to form always picks the best.

Teddy will be remembered as always bringing joy and happiness to those he knew. The many friends and family here today is evidence of that. He was loyal and generous and would give anything to anyone of his friends. Teddy was ambitious in his career as a banker, and even though he always said he never go into banking, like his sisters, he had become successful at it.

Teddy lived everyday to its fullest and as if it were his last. It's so like Teddy to have left us on the 4th of July, a day of celebration. Every year we can choose to mourn the loss of Teddy, or every 4th of July, when you see the spark of a firework you can remember the spark of light Teddy brought into all or our lives.

We will always love and never forget Teddy, who I am sure is now an angel watching over all of us.
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